Rockman.EXE Episode 08 Released!

[STE-Subs] Rockman.EXE - 08 [7FD5F289].mkv_snapshot_04.51_[2018.12.05_19.17.36]

Hey guys! Sorry for the really long wait, things came up but finally Episode 08 is here! Enjoy!


Introduction & Rockman.EXE Project!

Hey guys,

I’m EruPii and I’d like to announce to you the formation of our English fansub group! Currently we have 3 members:

  • SparklingLemonade,
  • Tokimune,
  • and myself, EruPii

Our first project is Rockman.EXE. I think this series deserve a better translation than it currently has from years ago. Actually, I’ve released two subs for my 576p RAWs but in the revised subs we’ll time them to the 720p version.